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We're better off without Dieter. I really wish I could do more. I was bitten by a lot of insects in the forest.

There was a lot of talk lately about the architecture of the new school. I refused at first. I thought the food was too greasy. The snow prevented us from arriving on time. What makes us human? I got to know him. Loneliness and being alone are not the same thing. It's very simple.

She's waiting. Reid doesn't seem to have been injured badly. I don't understand why DNA is fascinating. Why don't you thank your wife a little?

Millicent adopts one new baby from a foreign country every year, which is a lot of effort to have someone live with you and shit on your carpet. Jared passed away getting struck by lightning on the beach. Mitch was aware that the deadline had passed. It's still early.

Be more careful from now on. Rudolf will not do it. The sun is just a star amongst zillions of others. She cancelled her date.

For all I know, he could be in Paris right now. After Val and Pablo read a few verses from their religious text, they remained noncommittal, but when Jos happened to mention that he had learned a lot from his grandparents about their early life, the missionaries could scarcely contain their excitement. I didn't eat lunch. He's by no means satisfied. Hilda was in a local bar. I'm the one that pays all the bills. What a refreshing change!

Currently, Raif lives in Boston. You've heard it here first!

We were all worried. I think you look fine.

I have some questions I'd like to ask Darci. These gloves kept her hands warm. I know why you're doing this. Kerri is very sorry for what he said. What art thou that hast come to glorious Thebes? When we got home last night, the others were already in bed and fast asleep. Just as he was getting the hang of things, they changed all the rules.

Harris laid the book on the desk. Blaine is perfectly capable of taking care of himself. Rex gave me what I needed. Where do you keep your medicine? I'll be around. I passed clots. The deep snow prevented the party from getting to the hut.

Why don't you take your jacket off? I need to see you now. Beautiful poppies were growing beside the road. Charming, you are, my dear. With those words he brought the meeting to an end. She took Chinese medicine, which relieved her symptoms. We have bigger problems that need to be taken care of right away. I'll be no party to this arrangement.

Ken couldn't remember that guy's name. I can easily get lost in a new environment. It seems I will have to get rid of this worn out carpet. It seems that he is telling a lie. No systematical study in economy assumes solidarity. I'm going back to look for him.

I like challenges. We still have a problem. You aren't allowed in this room. June's third marriage was unhappy and he was considering yet another divorce.

Everything was quiet in the castle's park Maruyama Park is a place where a lot of people gather. You're my only joy.

I can't pay all my bills this month. Please return what you have borrowed. I want you to respect me. Murph and Cindy launched their boat from the slipway at the tip of the peninsula. I wasn't consulted. I'm not coming back here. How long are you going to stay there?